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All Indian Target Shooting Enthusiasts can get required good Slingshot Materials and Accessories all at one place at the lowest cost from the International Market.

This WhatsApp Group is mainly for promoting Our Traditional Slingshot Target Shooting Game, Slingshot Learning & Educational purpose and this website is not indented to business profit. Please don't use these materials for illegal activities.


1. We are not promoting hunting, and hunting using these materials are strictly not allowed, please use it only for slingshot target shooting learning and educational purpose.

2. Please don't post any illegal hunting or any other photos and videos contents in this group.

3. Please consult with your local authorities for using slingshots.

3. If you are agreed with above conditions, please place an order online and join our WhatsApp Community Group to get quick help and response from multiple Slingshot Target Shooters.

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If you have any order related queries and anyone would like to join Slingshot Association of India, Please contact +91 88844 35356

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