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Laser Bore Sighter

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A laser bore sighter is a device used in air rifles, firearms and shooting sports to align the rifle sights or optics with the bore or center of the barrel. It is a valuable tool for improving accuracy and reducing the time and cost associated with sighting in a firearm.

Here's how a laser bore sighter works:

  1. Insertion: The bore sighter is inserted into the firearm's chamber or bore, replacing the need for live ammunition during the sighting process.

  2. Laser Emission: Once inserted, the laser bore sighter emits a laser beam, which travels down the barrel of the firearm.

  3. Sighting: The user then aims the firearm at a target, typically at a fixed distance, and adjusts the firearm's sights or optics until the laser dot aligns with the target.

  4. Alignment: When the laser dot is precisely on the target, the sights or optics are considered aligned with the bore, ensuring that the point of aim coincides with the point of impact.

Laser bore sighters are available in various styles, including cartridge-shaped bore sighters, magnetic bore sighters, and more. They are particularly useful for initial sight-in of a firearm or scope, saving time and ammunition that would otherwise be spent on trial and error adjustments at the shooting range.

Overall, a laser bore sighter is a handy tool for shooters to achieve better accuracy when using firearms and optics.